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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Message Owl work?

Message Owl is a B2B SMS platform which allows businesses to send Bulk SMS Messages to their clients, each user will have access to a backend profile through which they can send & manage SMS Messages, contact list & message credits.

2. How do I start sending SMS Messages?

Businesses will need to register on Message Owl and purchase a Pre-Paid Bulk SMS package which will be used to send SMS Messages to their clients list which can be added into the platform.

3. How much does it cost to send an SMS?

Refer to pricing page for more details on SMS costs & prices

4. How do I buy SMS Credits?

SMS Credit will need to be purchased online via the Message Owl platform

5. Are there any other costs involved when using Message Owl?

There are no other costs involved besides the SMS Packages on Message Owl

6. Is there a Minimum or Maximum limit for sending Messages?

There are no Limits to sending Messages. Businesses can send as many or as few messages as they please.

7. Does my Message Owl credits expire?

Message Owl credit will never expire and will be available for use as long as the user desires

8. How long does it take for SMS Messages to get delivered?

An SMS Message will be delivered immediately after being sent by the customer without any delay on the platform end

9. How many contacts can I send the same SMS to?

SMS Messages can be sent to as many contacts as the user requires to via the platform. There will be no limit to the number of contacts.

10. How safe is my contact list which I upload to the Message Owl Platform?

Message Owl will not intercept, monitor, copy or disclose any user messages, personal information or user contact lists.