Message Owl v2

An improvised new generation messaging console with so much more.

Since 2017, we’ve grown to be a more reliable messaging console (Bulk SMS) in the Maldives focusing on corporates and startups. With feedback and love from our customers and developers, we are thrilled to announce our latest version (the much-needed change), which focuses on a new architecture with a customer-centric approach, with a redesign of the services to help you navigate the console easily. We have simplified your journey with every step.

With our REST API and OTP API designed with developers in mind, we have been able to help you provide your service, more easily and effectively to engage with your customers in real-time.

With the new dashboard, you would be getting an overview of your statistics, your subscription, package and most importantly your usage details. Now, you have everything laid out just on your landing page itself. 🤫 Insights is coming soonish!

We’ve made changes to the Sender ID requests and approval process, by making it more quick and easier for verification aligned to our new policy guidelines. But what’s most important is that an individual user can now manage 3 Sender IDs and keep their business accounts well managed with a better customer engagement strategy.

We’ve rolled out the two factor authentication (2FA) 🔒, so that you can use our platform in a secure and safe environment. With growing necessity to keep your customer data confidential and from vulnerable access, with the 2FA enabled, you are keeping yourself secure as well as your customer data.

With our new OTP API, we are allowing you to use this priority dedicated stream to send OTP without any interruption. This would help you to reach your customers on time, who are seeking their services without waiting in the queue during high peak periods.