Message Owl Console

Companies rely on the Message Owl Console to add contextual communications to their business-critical applications and services.

What's baked in?

SMS Features

  • Phone Numbers and Short Codes

    Send and receive SMS with local and toll-free numbers, short codes, custom alphanumeric sender IDs, or using your own existing phone numbers.

  • Phone Number Lookup

    Identify detail about the format and connection type of phone numbers to reduce undelivered messages and protect from spam and fraud.

  • Concatenation

    Exchange long messages and Message Owl will automatically segment and reassemble them with no custom code required.

  • Multi-tenancy

    Use Subaccounts to share applications securely while keeping separate phone numbers, billing plans, configuration, and logs for each customer.

  • Queuing

    Send SMS as fast as you like. Message Owl automatically queues and sends each message at a rate that keeps you compliant.

  • 😁

    All character sets (Unicode)

    Exchange messages in every language and emoji. Message Owl encodes Unicode characters for you without requiring custom code.

Next Generation?

The Message Owl Stack

Comprises of three products that makes Message Owl the Next Generation Messaging Console.

  • The industry standard SMS Console allowing business to engage customers via messages.

  • Lightweight distributed shipper responsible for handling all message delivery through all available routes.

  • Real time analytics using big data, designed with the tools and experience to allow businesses to develop and expand.

You're in good hands

Send one or 1 million

We test our network reliability over 100,000 times a day to ensure there is capacity for your text messages.

Enterprise-grade security

We make sure we follow the latest and best practices in the area of systems security since its one of the core components of our company.

99.95%+ API uptime

No scheduled downtime. We deploy old and new code in parallel to test for errors and update with code fixes in service.