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A secure SMS Messaging Console allowing your business to send bulk SMS Messages to your clients

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Real time analytics, direct relationships with carriers and innovation around pain points all come together for a more reliable, and efficient service. Discover how we push the limits to deliver the quality you’ve come to expect.

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We have solutions for your SMS Pain points

Interactive Dashboard

A quick pit stop at the revamped dashboard for an overview of your statistics, your subscription, package and most importantly your usage details. Now, you have everything laid out just on your landing page itself.

Dedicated APIs

With our REST API and OTP API designed with developers in mind, we have been able to help you provide your service, more easily and effectively to engage with your customers in real-time.

Contact Management

Adding or importing your contacts, sorting them and arranging them is now easy. With the new contact management you can just do things so much more easily and have a targeted messaging strategy based on your customers needs.


Well you don't have to send your messages right away, because timing matters when it comes to your customers and it's important that you send your communication to them at appropriate time for a better customer engagement and this is where scheduling is going to help you.

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Over 100+ businesses, marketers and creatives use Message Owl to grow their business.

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Message Owl is loved and used by all of the leading businesses and Creatives for their SMS Requirements.

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