Next generation messaging

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More than just a messaging platform

Message Owl is a B2B SMS platform which allows businesses to send Bulk SMS Messages to their clients, each user will have access to a backend profile through which they can send & manage SMS Messages, contact list & message credits.

Group Contacts

Manage contacts and create groups and move contacts between them.

Scheduled Messages

Set a date and time and Message Owl will deliver the messages on time. No delays.


Be able to generate graphs on the success rate of SMS


Create message templetes and save time on repetitive actions.


Review your activites, sent messages, time, and technical information as well.

Our Clients

Message Owl Stack

Comprises of three products that makes Message Owl the Next Generation Messaging Platform.

Message Owl™

The industry standard SMS platform allowing business to engage customers via messages.

Message Owl Envoy™

Lightweight distributed shipper responsible for handling all message delivery through all available routes.

Message Owl Envisage™

Real time analytics using big data, designed with the tools and experience to allow businesses to develop and expand.

Increased Revenue

Increase Revenue by widening the business scope and acquiring more clients

Chat for All

Next Generation chat app that helps connect the unconnected

Business Model for Innovators

Jumpstart your business and reach the targeted clients more efficiently

Programmable Communications

Easily prgrammable for developers & Businesses to manage the platform the way they desire

Masked phone numbers

Protect private information on calls and texts

Two-step authentication

Improve login security with SMS passcode verification